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What is Life Coaching? 

Not to be confused with psychotherapy, Life coaching is a professional practice to assist clients in identifying and achieving their personal goals in areas of career, spirituality, personal and interpersonal concerns on a fast track to success. I work to enable you to push through obstacles to your goal resolution through powerful action tools and techniques. As a life coach, I empower you to connect with your own inner wisdom, to honor your divine purpose and to work with divine guidance to manifest your most desired destiny. Life coaching should not a replacement for traditional medical treatment or psychological/psychiatric services. Additionally, a life coach does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any condition.

Questions to ask yourself...

List three things you would most like to change in the next three months?

List your three most important lifetime goals?

Are your personal standards high enough to reach your goals?

Are you on track to have the above manifested?

What’s next for you?

Coach C.

Why wait when you can start your coaching journey today!

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