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iWin|iWon|iWOW ®

Signature program

iWiniWoniWOW is not just a tagline but it is a unique power push modeled after the book, The W.O.W Effect, that offers classes and sessions on learning how to win. These sessions will help you discover and identify how you WOW. 

Perfecting the Art of….. Series


This is a series that touches on different topics that may serve as barrier to individuals being able to move forward in their lives. Each topic encompasses important elements needed to perfect the art of that particular topic.


- The Art of Healing

- The Art of Trust

- The Art of Self-love

- The Art of Acceptance

- The Art of Forgiveness

Girlfriend H.E.A.L.….. 


Designed and created to follow the books The W.O.W. Effect® and Girlfriend, HEAL, this cutting-edge program allows session participants the ability to be vulnerable while learning the ways to identify, explore, and create the winner they would like to be. By building confidence and promoting healing, the steps that each program participant will walk through will prepare them to strengthen the healed winner within. This program provides what a lot of self-development programs don’t offer……. The W.O.W. Effect® - Girlfriend, HEAL program offers a healing therapeutic overtone to uncover any barriers that might prevent program participant from embracing their winning mindset.

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